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Going to discuss how to make offers when you’re calling up on the phone and how to do it when you’re going to look at places in person we’re going to discuss you know where to actually start the negotiation how that should look how you know you should actually deal with the real estate agent and then as the process begins how toucan ensure that you are going to get the best deal possible so please check info more information on that in the next episode thanks for listening to today’s episode please subscribe to the podcast.

If you’ve enjoyed the show I’d really appreciate it if you could leave review on iTunes and recommend the show to any friends that you think might benefit thanks again for listening and we hope to see you back good evening and welcome to four corners I’m Sarah Ferguson tonight has generation being shut out of the Great Australian Dream it used to be that Australians would spend three or four times their annual income on a house no wit’s even times landownership out of reach for many and especially for young people the tax breaks.

That have helped fuel the unprecedented housing boom will be a big issue in the coming election campaign taken together negative gearing and capital gains tax breaks cost the public person estimated point seven billion dollars each year labor has promised to wind back the concessions but despite criticism of negative gearing from some liberal politicians including former treasurer Joe Hockey Prime Minister Malcolm Turn bull has ruled out any changes to the system in tonight’s program experts say that Australia’s housing market is already.



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Even answer that require some fake but that’s what you often need to do your manager of a company with a dysfunctional dividend policies you gotta make the decision when you control when you can spend the action and you got two packages with what you plan to do with the cash otherwise people are going to assume the worst about you start president to drop and stay down.

what else can I read into your story that you can’t get any questions yes required to be hard evidence other than Mr P’s and rates so banks pay dividends it’s not because somebody from the outside says you have to pay dividends itself from post so every other sector in the USA you’re free to set different policy there will talk about when my next example will talk about other things that they talk about when they say this is why we don’t cut evidence but companies are free to set their own evidence questions for example.

so this was the limited between limited during a between and I do with the gap was one of the fastest growing retail stores in the us- every week you open a new limited stock and this is actually the free cash flow directly over the ten-year.


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Million brought forward chest now you want to add on new issue on new shares issued which is going to be the basis is mentioned in that requirement here that you are going to issue one of its chest of the need trust shares so so it’s going to below many shares does but nice try have now when you still have million soit’s going to be that means but going to give so it’s going to be million shares into you’re going to add on another so there but gonna will issues of Tony says need to share so this is going to be plus so this is going to give you the number of shares so if you just pick up your pen.


we’re going to put a divided here then you’re going to seethe earnings per share you’re going to get answer is going to give you . so this is going to be my earnings per share new post combinations actually this impost-acquisition now post-acquisition it’s . for full share multiplying with my PE at maintain p actually what I’m doing here is I’m doing this I’m just doing this i just got this now just putting inside hereon we’re going to get trough to multiply this is going to be the price of Bonnie after the acquisition so it’s going to give you can call it if you want to you can just put as an answer should be acceptable so.

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Interest sand there’s another piece of knowledge on the edges here don’t forget our deal natural interest- -so this is really net debt plus not a geologist to be complete I’m just you know in the book they bury this all to one sound just to make sure we’re keeping this era proof I should have separated out into easier steps this is the net debt plus not controlling interest but that’s what downmarket value to get enterprise value got it is the total debt- – + already exists then you read over the weekend.

Really enterprise value is market value plus yet less cash plus also already interests preferred securities other obligations will expand this week so really to calculate our enterprise value multiple for warm we’re going to take the enterprise value which is the market cap plus this net debt plus Marty interests in Punjab this anyone want to look at once worthless.


I’m going OK I’m as the knowledge and together they for so You have the total level yeah i took that I had not doing interest and the redeemable not so- cash – attention my fellow just so I don’t know I OK so i can make the multiple we don’t want the multiple based on that is here because I want the current multiple we’re going to take the market value that we calculated plus net debt that’s enterprise value market x plus net and with that parentheses because the numerator divided I even talking from the income statement so even.

have it gives us set just a profit travels to do cops look at the cops ranges but we’ll see in some analysis especially leveraged buyouts the current even downloadable the business is a concern investment as to what the value of it to apply to use to apply tourists with the future of the value of this building so we offline mobile have to take four by point nine times eight points out so based on and a current.

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Formula should make sense by taking a stand on cash flow statement just breaking down the components you might see a casual statements that are completely right and why this is important to know this because there’s a major confusion and this conception and working capital lot of people say this table this is wrong as opposed to subtract changes yeah right but basically when you see – changed and working.

capital what they’re saying is what if you take the balance sheet changes from year to year if it asks in the value is increasing you need to subtract that in the cash flow statements to avoid confusion all I’m saying is if you look at the way the cash flow statement is broken down just do with the Catholic statement of the cash flow statement is adding working capital which are casting it does then you add working capital our cash flow statement adding the negative working capital this point the blog and people get confused by the signs here just you’re doing with the camera statement of you are replicating the cash flow statement.

But simplifying it and keeping with its core to the operating assets of businesswoman questions on this is also going to help us figure out which Perth Property Valuers confuses a lot of people what do you mean by other non-cash items how do we know what other non-cash items do we include you’re doing a school history Bobby you should start to realize very simple now if there’s any adjustments to the operating cash flow statement that base don operations you would include in this analysis because we want cash flow nonproliferation it’s extraordinary have raised some other investments you do not include those other non-cash it’s the ass very simple because the point is we’re trying to get to a measure of cash that’s produced from everyday operation snow you may say well the discount on our forecast when asked that I know does not start that we can.

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The construction material that was used the way it was constructed and the age your property as well as your tenant mix those are all very good points there are so many components be taken into consideration when you doing market valuations on the Adelaide Property Valuers and marketing plans for the property so wearing the marketing valuation is complete you got executive summary ringing in description property highlight a recent sales.

Comparable recommendation price Ranger anticipated final sales price some information on what the marketing plan would be for the property and hopefully some background on your brokers. Sydney Property Valuers are busy to you the joys market that property now marketing plans or critical to you marketing proposal because I years essentially what is going to sure the property has not come maximum exposure in the marketplace and you are reaching out to the appropriate client whether it be in order user or investor for that particular at the great point Tony and considering who your marketing to is actually on every first an important steps to take if this is a on our User type of a property.

Where that would attract the highest value at definitely where you want to consider and what type A owner user would find this more attractive than another type up on our User for example if its industrial and has a refrigeration.

It’s definitely going to be much more valuable to somebody who would distribute dairy or something that we need to be retried rated as opposed to someone who would be repairing cars so you would look at what are the features that this property and to whom and to what business with this specifically helper type of an investor depending on what type have a property you had and really target your market your and your marketing strategies down to be type users or investors.

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whole nine yards make sense yes get should you not a lot week on Wednesday always our corner complete plan so in case you got to wonder what I look like you’re a member this is me site now just getting snappy your nationally it was there yeah I’ll actually as well you the singer’s death individual and this is me import a my mother this is me good but case next thing I have a realistic let’s be honest this stuff is really more I’ll make this is really forcing can’t you pass.

The Home Loan Procedure you can sign released a ready start making moneys few rules are we start is the new Bond appropriately on for questions after sessions if you like the job slap state focus on passing here Tuesday be foreign most Property valuation Melbourne cost importantly remember I am a lawyer lot of times people talk about real city example we are talking about me let yours is easy to think I’m a lawyer I’m not worsen news the the more or reduce.

We’re trying to sue someone my teacher jurors this and therefore your he did not do that and if I miss top breakdown I conclude know where women are just follow my me so I’m sleepy misnomer are also missus topic you really wanna be size please jot down our in our make sure to include that in arrears to market for your car stop telling people you are taking the exam.

How you will hear how all our friends and family outing in team examines owner taking exams is so stressful and you guys do that I did in the beginning but I stop dafter about I you know the second time I’ve not passing I just stop speaking at just trying to focus yet some I’m where you see what it says I started my receive never really nervous we’re really saying is that how people that is clear your mind your house travelers is a new multi-Baruch you have a career see that’s really what you say so does not count people.

How calculation on house price is made by valuers?

The basic steps for doing the valuation of house are followed in such a way that no little or single problem is faced by you in the real estate field. This is how the whole process is handled by the expert valuer and then you will able to make little changes in the process doing strategy. The whole process of doing valuation of house is well handled by the valuers so that you will not face any single mistake in the valuation process. In this way you will face smooth and simple process for doing the valuation of house in the real estate field.

what the cliff is coming in case you attempted I’d remind you anymore it was a fairly druckenmillerused to be George sores is for forty minutes you got fired in two thousand for making a big bet on Tex dot civ went back the press conference or the reports acceptance department widely bios textiles predictability he said no no we knew there were overpriced we bought them-point in time report we could get out before the correction you some baseball terminology.

But if you can bloodletting terminology he said we’ve got to work properly would be factor in the bottom of the night you’ve no idea what I’m talking about because you don’t follow baseball get what he was saying in lending terminology’s that we’ve gone through five feet away from the cliff when in fact mood past that method which when he comes up all my god look back now the problem trying to be smarter than the average net if you don’t know what the first time don’t kid anybody can give that’s not crash could keep coming all that he was going to happen how come you never mentioned run everyday for the last five years slipped my min dafter the facts always obvious so i can put off being a problem have not smarter than the average Noyes we did describe myself main distress exporting conspired don’t second sub-standard lifelike going to be arrested invested that tomorrow on your human being biologically you’re already hardwired to do crazy thing and here’s whit’s what allowed us to sit by the time being fewer came.

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Needs long as you meet these requirements not hard to heme’s one of u_s_ portray a cash losing organization why since they don’t they that you’ve said valuation to esteem two months prior coldest and fellowship work with cash utilizing with one of your talking he’s one of you need to pick an organization with high development potential either determined client streets anybody in his average non-u_s_ organization and esteeming in the nearby coin gnocchi not picking.

An a_t_r_ doing it in u_s_ tallest i need to manage this unhindered commerce the suburbs charges in the eyes and things of tony bandanna will be conciliate done on assembling can be a monetary administration organizations can be reconfirm would have so this is another gathering of five some are you going to meet these imperatives nice brilliant four of the tightfisted faced one I’m not to put another gathering and given the cash losing high-development.

Remote administration organization meat keep aside for that in addition to in addition to who needs to join your gathering is helping you conjoin our gathering however this is the thing that you need to uncertainty I’ll let you know something warren organization yet the more difficulties to face valuation and we’ve no not at the costs my proposal is that god about by the organization goodnight nonrepresentational you have no clue whatnot organizations are losing cash in what organizations that implied obviously you can do your own particular home with a capital i_q_ two screens.

Reject clog capital i_q_ organizations Why Property Valuation Melbourne Is So Famous! all around that pessimistic net salary of cynicism definitely the most recent twelve months out that individuals or isolating my site you know i can see the whole spreadsheet the cash utilizing organizations aren’t both organizations you not limitations they would only that rundown but rather on the off chance that you need to begin with that has some sort of remain for that new smoking from premium wage once you get the organization you will do with this challenge assessment my recommendation to you it is whichever way concession.

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The land business needs valuation for a report that would have been qualified and have a decided carriers showcase this is something that ideally it joined fund is a little to a partnership in their participation inside that is going to decrease what return in the different types of business association in business circumstance where will prepare others genuine tho CAB is-fit for doing this positively a few or all of expressively.

anticipated that would be capable too the accompanying their lawyer would regularly no further CPA esteem Real Estate Association meet all requirements for the worth land ordinarily discharges her companion to simply before he turned into a land in keeping the assessment arranged exceptionally well need to tell their position in even the business valuation testimony which most others that need to do with the and reason are frequently included a really never ordinary legal advisors another motivation behind why you have to consider.

the experience of the condition furthermore the round of questioning of these lawyers for whites and you would not have any desire to take off of a three-day you Asian expert you hear him and all of sudden turn into an extraordinary country is a mind boggling matter it’s trying to min contradicting lawyer and might want nothing superior to relaxation cheerful calling into a trap that its most noteworthy valuation appropriately and with your road you pick assessment proficient orders are you wishing proficient that you.

The next doubt is trying to understand the difference between Sydney Property Valuations settlement agents and property Valuation. While the former basically brings together customers and property Valuation, the latter is the main entity that goes through the entire process of Valuation on behalf of his client. It would also be pertinent to mention here that there are a series of processes and steps involved and it is not about just or two professionals who are involved.